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It is my mission and passion to help you achieve a life of
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Start working on your mindset, body and soul today, and with our individual program, in 90 days you will see a totally different person in the mirror!


Transformation Blogs


 Start working on your body today, and with our individual fitness program, already
in 90 days you will see a totally different girl in the mirror!

Hi Im Jane. I absolutely enjoyed being part of this fabulous group of women on the 7 Day Women's Well being Workshop.. Marissa Lewis is an amazingly awesome woman who crossed paths with a selected few of us lucky ladies to work with. I absolutely enjoyed the workshop and felt the tribe of ladies in our group just bounced off each other with nothing but support. I am grateful for every single challenge that was delivered to us. Upon completion of each challenge I felt nothing but love, support and acceptance not only from this wonderful tribe of women but myself. The skies the limit now, as each and everyday I take on LIFE with a whole new positive outlook and introduce the tools delivered to me in this workshop.  Much love and appreciation to our Tribe xx

Hi I’m Racheal The last 7 weeks have been enormous. I am so much more aware of my emotions, how to deal with different situations and just learning and growing through new experiences. I am looking forward to what tomorrow brings, everyday :) From the moment I came across Marissa at an event a few years ago.I knew in my heart that I'd want to and would work with her in some capacity, but I didn't realise it would be a 1:1 12 week Private coachting programme. I am so blessed to have Marissa as my mentor and I'm also happy that I now have a good friend, Anika, whose opened herself up to work with you as well and is enjoying it thoroughly. Thank you Marissa for holding this space for me to grow, laugh, cry but most of all learn. Big Love to you and yours.

Hi I’m Claire and 12 weeks ago my life was very different. I was in a place that I thought I could get out off. not my house or my family but I really didn’t know what it was. My story isn’t a huge sad story I have a loving family I okay my bills each week. mane was something missing in my cafe. As a strong adult I surely thought I could work this out. after many months even years of trying I was exhausted and only feeling worse.  I have nothing wrong. nothing to complain about so. what’s wrong with me. I was fortunate enough to bump into Marisa actually by accident. I immediately felt connected to her because she was just so genuine. I asked what she did and she gave me a quick explanation. said here’s my card google my site. I called her an hour later and meet with her. My first feeling was so nervous but excited to know now I was taken steps to make my life better. The tools she gave me the depth she helped me unfold about myself, my passions and the real desires in my life and the world is in mistakenly the best thing that’s happened to me. She somehow helloed me find the best in me without judgement. only love... so now I'm starting my whole new life. I feel unstoppable I knew things will come up and life’s not always easy ... but imp strong.  imp now becoming the best version of me I can. imp building my new retreat business to bring all like-minded people together and I have the confidence to run a country lol. well nearly. So if you are feeling a little lost or you have goals you’ve never really reached or anything like that ..then call Marisa right new no doubts no hesitation she’s not only there to teach but coach and support and of yak want anyone on your team ..it’s her xxx I love you and thank you for everything you’ve helped me with send your true genuine heart, through everything xx  

Kia ora I’m Hinenui, I've been working with Marissa on the 12 week coaching plan and reflecting back .The journey has been amazing. During this time I was going through some deeply personal issues and Marissa was there and held a space for me. Marissa's approach is different because she specialises the coaching to your situation and nothing is off limits. She has helped me look at my situations deeper than what I thought the issues were and helped me to really unravel the things I was going through. In January she helped support me to launch my blog, supported me through relationship issues, body image and self love issues and now we are focusing on a mind/body challenge, affirming my identity and future business opportunities. Looking back even I'm amazed at how far I have come x Above all I've met a beautiful friend and soul sister x Marissa is the best.