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How often do you find yourself paralysed by your thoughts?

Maybe your on you’re way to work and you’re in the car.
Maybe your laying in bed.
You are in autopilot and your thoughts take you away somewhere into the unknown.
The unknown is that place you are trying so hard to understand why something happened.
or perhaps your magnifying the questions about how something is going to turnout.

Isn’t it INSANE how much time you spend thinking about things in your past or in your future.

I mean is it really too much to ask yourself to just stay completely present in the moment. and find deep acceptance in the now?

See here’s the thing.
What I have come to notice is so many of you are struggling. So you fall into the fear and conflict of what happened yesterday or what hasn’t yet happened tomorrow.

The positive in this is that recently i had a massive realisation which is why I’m here to share.

Are you aware that you can never truly experience enlightenment if you do not know how to be present?

Yes or no?

Either way I want to invite you to stay with me and do a little task.

I invite you to listen to your inner voice without judging yourself. and pay close attention to which thoughts are in the front seat?

Are your thoughts healthy ?
or are they destructive?
are they positive ?
Or are they warranting negativity?

You see we often get trapped in the mind.
Overthinking. creating anxiety, living in overwhelm.
but what we don’t realise is the mind is your most powerful tool when you make best friends with it.

It is no different than lifting weights to keep your physical body strong.
There really is only 2 things that can happen with your Mind. either you choose to use it. or it will use you.

The difficult thing is. Many of you are addicted to the conflict and you don’t even realise it.

How do I know?

Oh I am speaking from experience on this one. and when it landed for me, that the power of staying present. And allowing and accepting what is. versus what was or what might be. My life became so much richer.

And when I say “richer” I mean, I was unleashed into a new level of consciousness.and that coupled with awareness of the power of meditation has enabled me to experience what true enlightenment feels like.

It’s not something that happens naturally for me.
Society has poisoned and lied to us for so long.
It’s not your fault if this is how you currently operate.
You only know what you know.
and do the best with what you have.

And this is what excites me. Trusting that by sharing my personal experiences with you That you might just see things from a different perspective to feel empowered to change your thinking.
So IF you’re tired of carrying the fragments of emotional pain and trauma and you just want to set yourself free. Take on this new information and use it for which that is right for you .

And I ‘m not stating I’m right.
All I’m hoping. is that you stay open. And be ok with acknowledging there is some new information available for you.

It is scientifically proven that strong emotion can change the biology in the body. leading you to more emotional pain.
The body is a miraculous thing and as you notice your thoughts. Understand that those thoughts link into your emotions. And this is what will manifest.

Why not Change your thinking, even if it doesn’t feel logical right now. and ALLOW the rest to follow.

As one of my favourite philosophers quoted.
“enlighment is the end of suffering”.

Thank you.
Love and above always.

P.s I wish so badly to end the suffering of humanity and if i can touch just one of you through my passion to inspire. Then I fully believe I am in alignment with my life path.

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