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Isn’t it interesting how some times you have a super freaken clear vision of how something is going to turn out.
You get yourself all physced up for it.
You tell yourself not to have expectations.
You tell yourself “stay in the flow”.
You feel like everything is organised and the plan is all good to go.

You arrive at your destination.
You feel good about things and life.
You fell like you’re being yourself.
You relax into the evening with a pretty high vibe.

Then BOOM, a “situation” presents itself.
One at the time, you definitely didn’t even see coming.
You feel a massive energy shift in the moment.
It feels like someone has punched you in the stomach.
And you feel yourself contracting.

You ask yourself what just happened.
You understand that there is something happening and it doesn’t feel good.
You try to take control of the moment.
But there is resistance coming through you.
and resistance coming toward you.

You are aware you have to walk away without the answers.
Or at least feeling as though you have to accept, right now there is no real truth in the “story” that you are creating in your mind.
It leaves you feeling frustrated, anxious, annoyed, and hurt.
It’s All those lower vibrational feeelings that make you feel like shit.

Then you feel this gentle internal nudge.
So you stop. and you reflect.
Anf It hits you.

The self talk and internal dialogue starts to amp up in your mind.
You find your self disecting the event in slow motion.
You start asking all these internal questions.
Was it something you said?.
Was it something you did?.
and this is the “Pattern” you have carried for most of your life.
It is when you start to blame yourself.
You end up going deeper into the “story” that is manifesting into your reality.
You start to feel icky.
You want to cry.
You feel so defeated.
And then it hits you.
You have a realisation.
Maybe you could have shown up differently.
Maybe there were some things you could have said differently.
Maybe there were some things you should have been more conscious to.

At this point here’s what I find.
There are usually two things you experience.

1. Your “ego” response.
Where you tell yourself it was not you.
It was their energy and their issue.
and this justifies that it was not your problem.

2. Your “higher self’ response.
One that observes the situation and asks
“what it was in you that needed to see & feel this”.
One that observes YOUR internal dialogue, actions and internal reactions.
One that takes radical responsibility for the part you played in the “moment”.

You see life isn’t about perfection.
Its about your willingness to grow. learn and evolve.
It’s about revealing more parts of yourself to understand the strength you gain in showing vulnerability:
Its about learning to “notice” your thoughts, actions and behaviours with out judgment.
and then finding ways to forgive and move forward.

It really doesn’t matter where you are, who you are or what race you label yourself.
You are HUMAN AF.
and if there is something that you know you should be taking responsibility for.
Allow yourself the emotional freedom you deserve.
Take a moment to be super fucking honest with yourself. and ask the hard questions.
But don’t shy away from what answers you hear from within.


It may not always feel good.
It may not always feel logical
But it is in that moment where you feel MOST UNCOMFORTABLE .
That you make a decision. are you intentionally going to invite “ego” or your “higher self” to guide you.
Because one will lead to suffering, confusion, more destructive “stories” , and a heaviness that weighs you down.
Or one that will lead you to inner peace, emotional freedom, acceptance and growth.

You ALWAYS get to choose ❤️✨

I love you
Marissa ❤️✨

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