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Ok I thought twice about posting this.
First I caught myself judging me.
Then I caught myself worrying about others judging me too.

But then I thought ahhh fuck it.
My message is too powerful to dishonour.
So I’m going to share this anyway.😜

And believe it.
If this image triggers you, offends you or you find yourself judging it before you read my content.
It’s likely we haven’t yet truly connected. so I invite you to stay with me as I feel there is great value in this.

The past 2 weeks I have been healing on a really deep level.
In this process, I have fallen in love with my whole being all over again.

I have committed to a daily practise that has , elevated, magnified and propelled everything.
I have been super conscious of which foods I choose to put in my physical body.
I have been super aware of what thoughts I feed my mind. While Noticing” SO much, with out judging it.
I have been super aware of what chemicals I’m putting on my body.
I have been so committed to sleeping a minimum of 7 hours.
I have continued to actively move my body every day for a minimum of 45 mins.
I have just been really tuning into my self, each and every day. and listening to what feels right for me.

As this has all unfolded.
I have taken a closer look into my personal beliefs.
Mainly around my body image.
These are the beliefs that have created my reality for the past 35+ years.

And what I noticed today while trying in bikinis. (besides how much I used to self loath).
Is that, instead of feeling miserable when I looked myself in the eye.
Was that Instead of picking out every blemish. every bloated part, and all my imperfections.
There was a foreign feeling.
It was a gentle sense of authentic self approval.
It was a calm flow of authentic self acceptance and a strong permission to feel pleasure in what I saw.

It was genuine and it was me in the most powerful state of self love and self acceptance that I have ever been in.

And as I was in this moment my son walked in to brush his teeth.

The first thing he said to me as I was steering myself directly in the eye.

“Mum, what are you looking at?”


Usually I would say something like..

“Oh My bloated tummy”
“my cellulite on my legs I need to do more lunges”

And I would say this unconsciously with out even thinking.

But today I was like
“Oh I’m just trying on my bikinis and honouring my body for all that she does for me”

He replied “that’s awesome mum , cause you look good”

And it was then it landed for me.
We have such power in what we say to our selves and how those words create our beliefs, leading us into our reality.

See here’s the thing. I understand it is a very touchy subject.

This self-esteem, self-acceptance topic.

I mean statistically 87% of women HATE what they see when they look in the mirror.


That’s a whole lot of low vibration .
A whole lot of Self destruction
and a strong foundation for self loathing.

I am aware that some of you may be thinking.
“Oh what would you know, you did a body comp.”
Or “you are a fitness professional”.

Well let me share something with you.

I have been 98kg before.
And although it was only 2 years of my life.
I abused alcohol, drugs and myself for much longer than that.
So I understand the emotional trauma that comes with it all.
It is an emotional prison that weighs you down by not feeling enough.

Do you feel me???

I mean geeeez how did I allow myself to not care that much?
How did I give myself permission to dishonour my mind body and spirit in such a way?

I mean I spent 30 years HATING what I saw in the mirror:


But when we do know… why is it that we continue to make decisions that do not serve our highest good?

It was when I asked myself this question and started to take radical responsibility that I had this massive realisation, about how much we self sabotage when we feel so unworthy or not enough.

So how did I change it all and create LONG LASTING CHANGES

1) I committed to finding a solution.
It was mindfulness.

2) Then I discovered another solution. & committed to it: That was eating high valued nutrition.

3) Then I discovered another solution and committed to it ;
That is Practising daily, true self love and acceptance. And reconnecting to my spirit.

Self love is not selfish.

Self-LOVE is empowering and inspiring. It’s something we should all do every single day. Loving yourself doesn’t — and shouldn’t — take away from loving others, as being selfish does. Self-love allows you to embrace who you are and, as a result, be come better at loving not only yourself but others.

So let me leave you with this.

How are you talking to your SELF, when you catch a glimpse of you in the mirror?

If it’s not kind thoughts and you feel deflated.. that should be enough motivation ❤️

I love you
Marissa ❤️

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