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Am I talking to you?

I’m not sure… am I??

Only you know where your truly at in life , emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.

So here’s your moment of truth..
Pissed you off.
Catches you
Or you felt like I am speaking to you.

Then honey I am, and I am here to remind you.
That this drama you are addicted to, is killing your dreams.

I woke today at 3.30am.
I’m not sure if it is because it’s 25+ degrees.
My son is next to me unknowingly kicking me.
Or that I just felt wide open to receive this gentle nudge to write on this .

When I entered consciousness.
My mind started to wander.
This was triggered by some things I am yet to resolve.
I started to think about my life experiences to date.
Especially some of the more painful experiences.
But what was different about my thought process today compared to in the past.
Was that I did not just focus on the pain of those experiences and fall into worry, drama or concern.
It was more about focusing on the growth I have had from those experiences.

That lead me to think about how I “used” to be wired.
How I used to fall into the “stories” that would feeed my addiction to drama.
And that of course led me to them think about you guys, and how you’re currently wired.
And how SO many of you are not living a life that is truly fulfilling for you, because you still have this default of being addicted to the drama.

You see I have created a life where I only allow positive environments around me at all times.
I am like a repellant to drama and so are my environments.
Every single one of my chosen family or friends is on purpose, because of their chosen beliefs and how the choose to show up each day.

Don’t get me wrong.
There is still hustle.
There is still grind
There is still massive opportunity to stress.
Yet their is always grace and gratitude first.

But it was not always this way.

See here’s the thing. When stress hits, “addicted to drama” mindsets, tend to think in extremes.

This type of thinking in such a dramatic way is the brain’s natural response to stress and is an inbuilt survival mechanism.
I have spoken on it before about how In primitive times the mind needed to simplify when there was a threat to survival. If faced with an enraged wild animal such as a bear or tiger or opposite tribe about to attack, this response made sure you didn’t waste precious seconds stopping to consider options but quickly thought ‘run or die’.

Of course in today’s world the stress you face is usually far from life threatening, but unfortunately your brain remains on its caveman programming giving ‘fight or flight’ responses to perceived threats. Some of us quickly come down from the cortisol rush this involves, and our minds go back to more measured and practical ways of seeing things. But it seems that some of us enjoy the rush, stay fired up on the stress, and can become quite hooked on dramatic thinking.

There is reference to this kind of mindset, it is the all or nothing thinking, and it is known as ‘black and white thinking’.

And boy did I used to be this person.

So how do you identify and overcome this drama addiction thinking and mindset??

Well here are 5 key steps I took to give up my addiction to drama.

1. Be ok with vulnerability.

I get it. I really do. It can feel overwhelming and embarrassing to admit to yourself, friends and family that you know you are a drama king or queen, and especially it can be nerve racking if all that results in your vulnerability , is a ripple effect of ‘I told you so’ responses.

So just start with admitting your love of extreme thinking to yourself, and making the choice to work towards change.

2. Start “noticing” what you say.

When you are talking to people, do you tend to go on about your problems often? How dramatic and extreme are the stories you tell? If the other person suggests less exciting responses to your problem, do you listen, or cut them off?

3. Start to track your thoughts.

So much of your thinking goes on unnoticed that trying to learn to catch a thought can feel very much like trying to catch a ball with your eyes closed! But with practise you will get better. A helpful technique can be to set a timer to go off once an hour and when it does, stop and notice what you are thinking about. Another great tip is to learn mindfulness. Mindfulness trains you to constantly bring your attention to the present, noticing what you are thinking and feeling in any given moment. Even ten minutes of mindfulness a day is shown to reduce cortisol levels.

4. Learn to LET GO of people and things that don’t make you feel good.

When you first learn to think more consciously, you may feel anxious!. But try to see the bigger picture. Remember that if you stay hooked on drama you will probably be telling the same stories in 2,5,10 years time, with the same life and same problems.

Dropping the drama might make you feel a bit bored, but on the other hand your actual life might start to move and change at last in ways that are far from boring. And once you drop the addiction to drama you might realise that shades of grey are not necessarily boring at all. It was the drama that was boring.

5. Learn what balanced thinking is.

If you have been engaging in a drama addiction mindset or thinking for some time, perhaps even learning it from a parent and spending most of your life with an extreme thought pattern, dramatic thoughts might be so second nature to you that even the things you think sound balanced are actually quite extreme. It can so helpful to think of someone you know who is very practical. And How might they see the problem you are dealing with? And what value does their perspective have?

You know I love you right.

Marissa ❤️❤️✨

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