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Yeh baby, because why the f✨k not!
You are infinite and have the power to create all YOUR dreams and desires!

Hold up, hold up, hold up.

Did I just say, you have the power to create all YOUR dreams and desires?

Like those thoughts that keep you awake at night with excitement?.
Like the racing heart beat you get when you think about those “things”?
Like the dreams you pray will come true errrry day:?


Have you ever come across the expression,
“They will break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be”

This is a kind of a military model technique, and although I personally believe in empowering others and building them up. Versus breaking them down to build them up.

The powerful message in the above expression that does resonate of me.
Is I believe that in order to rebuild or recreate yourself, to step into YOUR true potential.
It is often necessary to tear down your life, your old limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours and rebuild new ones so you can tear it up.

Because once you are at that state of vulnerability and you choose to recreate new thoughts, new beliefs and new ides. You have a solid foundation to call back your power and start over a new chapter with conviction.

I see it like this. You basically commit to tearing down “the old”, psychologically and mentally, and do what ever it freaken takes to tear it up with “the new”.

Here’s the thing. None of you makes a decision based on reality itself. You make decisions based on your beliefs about reality.

When your beliefs are accurate, your decisions will tend to be effective, producing the results you desire. But when your beliefs are out of alignment with what you truly desire, your decisions will often be ineffective, producing undesired results.

We all know how to make decisions within the structure of our beliefs. But sometimes we run into brick walls when trying to achieve our goals or manifest our dreams & desires.

Perhaps you can articulate what you want, but you just can’t seem to achieve it?
It could be money.
A more fulfilling business or career?
A long lasting , soul kind of loving relationship,
Or a certain level of physical fitness.
What ever it is for you.
In such frustrating situations,
the hidden secret is often your beliefs honey.

Limiting beliefs hold us back from achieving what we want, turning our technically possible goals into effectively impossible fantasies.

When you are able to apply this type of method to your personal development and you choose to believe in your individual power .

Then I am certain you are going to be that beacon of light for others to access their individual power.
and everyone can start to tear down the lies and beliefs that are holding them back. and create new beliefs that will support them to take massive aligned action, in stepping into their full potential!

So what new beliefs are you choosing today???

Comment below if your game! I love to feel into what magic is manifesting!

Love you!
Marissa ✨❤️✨

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