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It’s so interesting how things show up in your life in divine timing right.

Yesterday I received an international package in the courier from my dad, which had a number of my personal “things” in it.

The crazy thing is , as I evolve into a more conscious human, I am so much less attached to “things” and more excited by experiences.

However there were a few “things” in that box, that hold huge significance in my journey this time round.

The most precious “thing” I found. was this picture of my baby kissing me. It was taken by my mother. It was the first time, my clever son got up on all fours and crawled.

The funny thing is I recall it like it was yesterday.
I had tried placing objects, toys, food, all sorts in front of him to get him to crawl earlier than this day.

But it waa none of the above that gave him the motivation to crawl. I was this moment in the pic under the mirror, where I was just chilling on the ground next to him chatting to Mum and dad, where my boo found his way over to my lips.

It was the human connection he was most craving that gave him the motivation to move forward!

It reminded me of so many things about how as a baby, they never overthink the “how”.
They don’t overthink how will i crawl
They don’t overthink how will I walk
How will I run
How will I jump.

They just see something they want to do and they freaken go for it.
They don’t fall over once and quit .
They keep going over and over and over until there is something that ignites a fire in their belly to propell them to feel enough motivation to just DO IT.

Isn’t it such a simple process when you really think about it as an adult!

One day you see something you want.
It ignites a firestorm in your belly so much that you think “fuck yes” I’m going to try that.
You try it.
And most likely it doesn’t work.

So this is the PINNACLE moment for most humans.
It’s at this point we forget how we learned to crawl, walk, run and jump.
And we Quit on ourselves.

It did not freaken happen over night!!!!!! 🙄

It took belief💫
It took determination.👌🏽
It took discipline ❤️
It took courage🙌🏾
It took resilience🤷🏽‍♀️
It took faith🙏🏾

Honestly, I invite you to think about it and ask yourself…

Is there something in your life right now that you know you desire SOOOO BAD???

Is it something you have tried before but it didn’t work.?

It’s that “SOMETHING” your soul is STILL calling you to do but you just don’t know because you lost belief in yourself??

Well sweetheart take this as a gentle reminder.

Today is a new day.
If you can accept it will take time and it may take a few hard falls. But if you don’t quit, imagine the possibilities that await you 🤔😝🌏

Oh but your scared????
Because what if it doesn’t work????

Oh but honey… what if it does🤷🏽‍♀️🌏 ??

LOVE you ❤️
Marissa XX

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