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Okay so first off ,we ALL know this isn’t my boat. and I assure you I am NOT about to pretend it is, while talking about having all the money, time and freedom in the world. Because you all know I’m way to straight up for that.

So although I now choose to believe I am abundant in all areas of my life and am deserving to receive. Up until recently I was challenged when it came to making my money work for me, because, I have been blocking my own abundance. Through a few different unconscious energy blocks.

Thats right, I have always been incredibly blessed and resourceful to make money. But then there has been that invisible whole in my pocket. haha


Well if so keep reading cause you will more than likely resonate with this.

The inspiration behind this blog came to me yesterday after Jordyn an I were invited to one of my new beautiful soul sisters place Sabrina Smeaton to hang out.

On our way she said she had a surprise for us.

When we arrived, not only was her home exquisite. there was a beautiful pool and private pier with a boat and jetski which she said she would take us on around the canals of the Gold coast.

My initial feeling was excitement and gratitude. but then I felt my old DEFAULT patterns and thoughts rise, of not feeling worthy enough to enjoy it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have been fortunate enough to have been exposed to a lot of financial wealth in my life.
It’s just never been mine hahah
And what i found so interesting about yesterday that was on some crazy unconscious level, I realised my “lack” in money or there of, has been a result of my ‘lack’ in self worth.

Again this is my ‘OLD’ DEFAULT. BUT it reared its ugly head.

And although this life is never about the money.

I am going to talk about this topic because it is something I am experieincing in my reality right now.

That topic is debt.

But before I go into that
I want to share some truths with you.

I remember how it use to trigger me when a ‘rich” person would drive past me in a flash car.
or we would drive past those families with bright shiny cars and object.
My ego would be like. OMG what a show off. or pfffft .
What snobs.! y
Yes all those ridiculous unconscious thoughts ‘poor’ people have.

See here’s the thing.
I am fully aware I am rich in love.
But I have never been “rich” in money.
I have always lived a wonderful life, but always been in debt for it.

anyone feeling me??

I mean when I got real with myself a while back. I realised I have actually always being “poor” in finances because UP UNTIL NOW, my blueprint and self worth energetically was not a high frequency!

See heres the thing I’m learning about people with money.
(not just the ones who tick up all there assets).
The ones that actually understand money and the power of how money is actually just a frequency and vibration.

I MEAN so many of you (like me) are probably capable of making money. but then what happens to it??
(unseen hole in the pocket) hahahahah

Anyway. I have been working on my money mindset for some time now, yet still have lessons to learn around money.
So I have committed to myself to understand the difference between the behaviours of “rich” people and “poor” people

And you know what I have discovered.



I notice that the rich people I personally know have developed a habit of “getting rich slowly”.
and there are two rules they all seem to live by.
no.1 Don’t lose money
no. 2 if you ever feel tempted, refer back to number one!

Yes Its not actually a big secret.

They commit, they focus and they achieve financial independence
and of course they develop a millionaire mindset.
They learn to respect and love money.
They see that money is never meant to be ‘held on to”
They are forever investing and re investing.
They are forever taking risks
They are forever looking at ways to contribute on a bigger scale
and most importantly they are are forever following their hearts.

Now I’m definitely not saying all rich people have good intentions with there money.
but the rich people I admire do.

So today my thoughts were filled with admiration.
and not because of all the shiny material things.
becasue I am now clear that the only way to hold onto money
in a honest and honourable way is to become a better version of yourself.

So after noticing my Old default rise.
i quickly shut it down and
Instead of feeling like I didn’t belong.
I made a conscious decision to sit in this boat, in my higher frequency, flow into their energy and trust in the equality of all of us.

It was really cool, what i experienced after that.
There was zero judgment. there was so much celebration.
I guess its because i understand what it takes to be in a position where you are not in debt these days.

Becasue lets dive a little deeper on this right now.
Debt. is one of those stressful things in life that keeps us up at night.
It often causing depression and anxiety for tens of millions of people.

So because of the money mindset I am so committed to embodying so I can call my abundance into my life and I can easily give back to the people less fortunate than me and to the causes I deeply believe in.

Here are 3 key steps i am going to live by
and if you are in debt and as sick of it as me. then i invite you to join me.

It’s simple: the more debt you owe, the harder it is to finish paying it off. Don’t let spending get over your head — start saving! It also helps to ask yourself, anytime you are want to purchase something, do you need it, or do you want it? If you “want” it, reconsider your decisions as you don’t want to end up short in money when your credit card payment is due.


Each time a credit score application is requested, your credit drops by a small amount. However, over time, all those inquiries can significantly decrease your credit score and affect your chances of receiving low interest.
These days, applying for a credit card is only a few clicks away, but being approved for one is an entirely different story. In case you’re unfamiliar on how the credit scores are scaled.


Here’s a lifehack that most never think of doing: start an emergency savings account and fill it up quickly until you reach at least $1000. Why? Well, you never know when you might be out of a job, or something expensive in your car breaks. So it’s better safe than sorry to have backup money, in case you’re unable to pay off your credit card bills.

I am certain there is much more for me to learn. but I am more committed than ever to turn this money relationship around and bring into fruition the absolute prosperity that is my brith right.

Who’s with me??

Love you!

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