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Then start allowing yourself to truly feel!

Gosh since picking my son up from the airport I haven’t been creatively writing too much.

But tonight after saying good night to him, I felt this deep pull to hit the keyboard.

You see “feeling” stuff can be painful and that’s why you run, hide or fear it.

But there is a beauty in pain that even happiness cannot touch, because it shows you that you risked, you loved, and you let yourself feel.
The ironic thing about pain and struggle is it will always bring you to back to yourself.

But I get it.
Even though you think you know this.
You still fall into resistance when it comes to ALLOWING your emotions to rise.
There are moments of resistance.
There are thoughts of doubt,
There are emotions that feel overwhelming.
There are feelings of wanting to control it all and knowing you can’t.
But the beautiful thing about ALLOWING it all to surface. is that you no longer suppress any of it. AND instead of those emotions manifesting into matter of illness or something unhealthy. You release those emotions creating opportunity for the experience to do its full completion.

You see as humans we are so good at not ALLOWING our experiences to do its full completion.

Oh Yes sweetheart I see you.
You are SO good at pretending.
You are the one that walks out that front door with a mask on.
You are the one who EVERYBODY knows as the most positive person.
You are the one who while brushing her teeth can be gently crying.
You are the one who when in public can have the loudest roaring laughter.
You are in fact one of the best actor/actress you know, and it comes so effortlessly.

But the danger in all of this pretending.
Is it gets exhausting.
And it takes up space in your house.
Your body and your mind.

That is why emotional acceptance is so key to you achieving success in your life.
Emotional acceptance is truly a far better strategy than avoidance.
And that is why when you practice emotional acceptance, your willingness and ability to accept and experience, you acknowledge the negative emotion and deepen your life to the new meaning by only keeping positive emotion to move forward.

See here’s the thing.
There is SO much strategy behind success.
Success in business.
Success in relationships.
Success in happiness.
Success in money.
And any one of you can pick up and book , join a course , or search google and upskill your self.

But what a lot of you are missing in your journey to success, is the spiritual element.
Because regardless of your current “story” and beliefs. The universe can only respond to what YOU believe about yourself and your life.

And many of you often use the power of I AM against yourselves. It’s always a default of something negative. Which immediately blocks your flow. And by harbouring negative emotion.
Not only does This contribute to blocking your flow. It creates more negative vibration, struggle and pain.

The truth will always set you free and what follows the ‘I AM.. is what will hunt you down and make your reality.

It’s about an inner game equally balanced with strategy.

So why wait until 2018 to set yourself free from that emotional prison you live in and say yes to

I love you!


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Xxx M

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